Lightbulb Moment March 27, 2017 – Posted in: bags

Being busy in the analogue world has kept us quiet on the blog front. A literal conversation about lightbulbs gave rise to a lightbulb moment. It’s said that some time in the 1920s, the CEOs of the various lightbulb manufacturing companies got together to discuss the future. Advancing technology saw ever improving lightbulbs and the future was bright,though perhaps a little too bright for some. Because the longer a lightbulb lasted, the less often it would have to be replaced. So, as they saw it, a choice had to be made, and between them they agreed to artificially limit the lifespan of lightbulbs. Planned obsolescence was born. Today it is accepted that your printer or your dishwasher will last for a certain number of years,after which it stops working or needs a replacement part that costs more than the price of a new machine.

The phrase “planned obsolescence” was defined, in 1954, by the industrial designer Brooks Stevens as “instilling in the buyer the desire to own something a little newer, a little better, a little sooner than is necessary.” His emphasis was not on designing a product that would fail, but rather one that one that would fail to satisfy. In short: selling you a product that you will fall out of love with.

Which brings us back to our lightbulb moment. Loving Leather is our offer to you. We’ve decided to offer, for every bag we sell, a free annual protection treatment. Once a year you can send your bag back to us for some TLC. This treatment will extend the life of your Galway Barrel Bag. Simply drop us a line using the contact form and quoting your order number and we will be in touch with the details. This offer extends to all our customers old and new.

It’s a kind of planned permanence, designed durability. We hope that Loving Leather will ensure you never fall out of love with your bag.